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"You can't know...you can't ever really know the meanig of your life...and you don't need to...Just know that your life has a meaning...Every life has a meaning...whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds...every life...and every death...changes the world in its own way...you can't know...so don't take it for granted...but don't take it too seriously...don't postpone what you want...don't leave anythingmisunderstood...make sure the people you care about know...make sure they know how you really feel...because just like that...it could end."
(Tayler.from scenario)
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I have watched the film "The Lord of the Ring", but, unfortunatly, I haven't read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien
And what I can say... I thought that Frodo isn't a real hero but now I think that real hero is Sem.
Frodo was crying during the three films. He was waek and little silly, though, no, he was stupid.
As for me, I respect Sem. Frodo is nothing without Sem. If I were Tolkien I would give the Ring to Sem. He was brave, mellow, strong both phisical and moral.
That's why if I go to a big travel, which is full of dangerous adventure, I will take Sem with me.
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Ace Ventura is the most funny hero!!! Ja, he is superman, Every his joke makes me smile, love him!
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Part 1:
Me don't want no monkey to stop my show
Me don't want no monkey to bring me down
Me don't want no monkey to stop my show
Me don't want no monkey to make me frown
Look at how the people them are having fun
Look at how the poeple are jumping around
Ringdingading me want to do my thing
Ringdingading people come and swing

Vers 1:
Music is my power, music is my life
Me don't want no monkey come give me advice
Music is my pleasure, me don't want no pressure
With jahjah-guidance I will survive
Look at how the bassman pushing the bass
Look at hoe the drummer tight on the case
Ringdingading music is my thing
Ringdingading oh what joy it brings

Refrain 2x:
No monkey no stop my show, no monkey no stop my show
No monkey no stop my show, no monkey no stop my show

Part 1:
Me don't want no monkey to stop my show

Vers 2:
Music is my true true destiny
With my music... whoihoi... I'm feeling free
I Know some people will disagree
But I don't care at all, I must be me
When the music hit me, I feel no pain
When the music with me I feel no strain
My music is a big big part of me
You know my music is my victory

Refrain 4x:
No monkey no stop my show, no monkey no stop my show
No monkey no stop my show, no monkey ... Read more »
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Category: Hobby | Views: 519 | Added by: winter-kokos | Date: 13.08.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Muunraito Densetsu - opening theme 1992 year

GOMEN ne sunao ja nakute
yume no naka nara ieru
shikou kairo wa SHOTTO sunzen
ima sugu aitai yo

nakitaku naru you-na Moonlight
denwa mo dekinai Midnight
datte junjou dou shiyou
HAATO wa mangekyou

tsuki no hikari ni michibikare
nandomo meguri-au
seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue
onaji kuni [kanji: chikyuu]
ni umareta no MIRAKURU ROMANSU

mo ichido futari de Weekend
kami-sama kanaete Happy-end
genzai kako mirai mo
anata ni kubittake

deatta toki no natsukashii
manazashi wasurenai
ikusenman no hoshi kara anata o mitsukerareru
guuzen mo CHANSU ni kaeru ikikata ga suki yo

fushigi-na kiseki KUROSU-shite
nandomo meguri-au
seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue
onaji kuni [kanji: chikyuu] ni umareta no MIRAKURU ROMANSU
shinjite-iru no MIRAKURU ROMANSU

Moonlight Legend - "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" - opening theme 1992год

"I'm sorry, I'm not gentle.", ... Read more »
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In XVIII century in France Person lived, who belong to the cleverest and the mos awful figure of this century. About him we will talk. His name is Jan-Batist Grenuy, and if this name is not well-known how other clever monster (Sada, Sen-Justa, Fushe, Bonopart and so on) becouse Grenuy didn't give way other famous devils, 'cause his genius and fenomenal pride is limited sphere, which dosn't leave footprint in history, - flying kingdom of perfumes
But if be honest, I think that he is the first who made perfume with  feromons XD. And he is really strange person, he hadn't his own smellbut he has a very good flair, his flair is better that dog has!
... Read more »
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...who are you, at last?
- I - a part of power, which forever
wants evil and forever makes good
Gete "Faust"
"Master and Margarita" is very mystery book!
There are a lot of funny events, which are made by Voland (devil) and his escort: Koroviev-Fagot, cat Begemot and Azazelo.  And this book about pure love of Master ad Margarita. Also you can learn about life in loony bin, life of witches and devils. You find answer why Devil is.
Category: Hobby | Views: 3221 | Added by: winter-kokos | Date: 14.06.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (3)

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I had watched the ring. When I with my sister were siting for watch, we had heard bell. I come to door...
Fortunatelly, there was a neightbour behind the door :)
The ring is a good horror film. Family(mother and son), which has its own history. and in this film I see one minus: I don't like when children call their parents by their names. I think it'swrong or parents with their kids aren't close.
The next... How common horror film, the ring has its own fairy tales and terrible ... Read more »
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