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Main » 2010 » February » 17 » "The Lord Of the Ring" (film)
"The Lord Of the Ring" (film)
I have watched the film "The Lord of the Ring", but, unfortunatly, I haven't read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien
And what I can say... I thought that Frodo isn't a real hero but now I think that real hero is Sem.
Frodo was crying during the three films. He was waek and little silly, though, no, he was stupid.
As for me, I respect Sem. Frodo is nothing without Sem. If I were Tolkien I would give the Ring to Sem. He was brave, mellow, strong both phisical and moral.
That's why if I go to a big travel, which is full of dangerous adventure, I will take Sem with me.
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1 Sweet Evil  
Frodo looked like in so stupid way only in the film. in the book he was rather courageous and brave.
i can explain this fact only that Piter Jackson (the director of the film) wanted to show such a huge tragedy for people, dwarves, hobbits, elves and etc. from all over the world became the war for the Ring and for the freedom, to show firmness of heroes of fights and the members of the fellowship of the Ring, the great power and influence of dark forces, how hard to oppose them, how hard to live and not to brake yourself, how not to lose faith, to show real friendship, real love, real magic... in which we don't believe sometimes but which is exist.
finally Jackson showed on the example of Frodo what a grave and painful burden fall on his fate. and because any film represent some kind of visualisation, where we need a picture more than other things, sufferings of Mr Frodo were showed in all their beauty. :D
i think both the book and the film are awesome. at least for me.) because thanks to them i saw in the world of Tolkien our world, in those people - our people, in those relations - our relations and so on. besides i believed in real friendship. or in something more tan friendship.. you khow what i mean! :DD
but.. in spite of all Jackson exaggerate with emotions of Frodo. yes. he looked like a woman in PMS))) but very sweet and kawaii woman!)))) xDDD
Sem rulezzz!! **

2 winter-kokos  
fal_in_love Yeh, we love Sem very much! XD

3 winter-kokos  
but if Frodo is a kawaii woman and Sem is a brave and brutal man... it means that it was HENTAI!

4 Sweet Evil  
no! Frodo has a dick! xDDD

5 winter-kokos  
maybe, he has.... I don't know exactly yeah

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