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I have decided to take part in a literature competition in nomination "Translation". it's a good experience, I consider. So now I am translating "Waltz under the guitar"by A. Kostunin.
Below you may see a banner, which can show you his site with his and other participants' works.

Александр Костюнин. Творческая лаборатория

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Soon it'll be the end of the studing year. And someone, like me, will say "bye" to lovely school.
I know that some countries have their own traditions and rules for this holiday. In russia ppupils have the right t choose clothes for "the last bell" and there is three variants: 1)old uniforms; 2)modern classical style; 3)go how yu want (in frames of possible, of course)
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Lovely and clever girls!
Congratulate you with our great holiday - International women's day!!!
In this day (and not only in the day) be crazy, wild, strong, brave, more clever and more beautiful, independent in your own lifestyle and choose. BE THE BEST!
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Today is the 23d of February.
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Congratulate You with  NEW YEAR AND CHRISTMAS

Wich You bright sunny life without black strips, less snarrrl and more miaow, happy and skittish mood ^^

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Little fairytale. How I love this Russian weather. Maybe only in winter people want t be warm and close, and everybody wait prodigy. Winter...hope...happy...thoughts...dream...love...
Category: it's my life... | Views: 707 | Added by: winter-kokos | Date: 14.11.2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Holiday started in 31th of October...Halloween :)
In Russia some young interested people celebrate Halloween, but in the best customs of Halloween
Thought every person see different aim of the holiday. But everybody put on awfull atractive clothes and scare each other.(Apropos, in this year I was a medusa Gorgona. This hero of legends was very mysterious and exquisite for me)
And else... Because of epidemic of influenza (not A/H1N1 :) ) My holiday will finish inly 11 November!!! COOL!!!
And I had draw my picture "Sweet momenT"
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 :) without comments... :)
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The first snow is the most white and clean. White butterfly. ^_^
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