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Main » 2009 » June » 14 » "Master and Margarita" Michail Bulgakov
"Master and Margarita" Michail Bulgakov
...who are you, at last?
- I - a part of power, which forever
wants evil and forever makes good
Gete "Faust"
"Master and Margarita" is very mystery book!
There are a lot of funny events, which are made by Voland (devil) and his escort: Koroviev-Fagot, cat Begemot and Azazelo.  And this book about pure love of Master ad Margarita. Also you can learn about life in loony bin, life of witches and devils. You find answer why Devil is.
I write some utterance from "M&M":
-Cowardice is the most awful defect(Iechua Ga-Nocri. 26chapter "entombment")
-"...Do you fall out of love with me? No, I don't believe in it. It means that you was exiled and died...Then I ask you, lett of me, give me, at last, freedom for live, breathe" Margarite Nikalaevna answer be herself instead of him: "You are free...Do I hold you?" Then she protest for him: "no, what an answer! No, you leave me my mind, then I will be free" (Margarita. 19 chapter "Margarita")
-who loves must share fate of whom, he/she loves (Voland.32 chapter "forgivness and timeless qiuet")
- At first, he defiled me, he thought that he defiled me, when he called me dog, but I see nothng bad in this animal for be aggresive on tis word.(Ga-Nocri. 2 chapter "Pontiy Pilat)
-There are no agry people in the world.(Ga-Nocri. 2 chapter "Pontiy Pilat)
-Manuscripts don't burn! (Voland. 24 chapter "removal of Master")
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1 Sweet Evil  
I want to read it! **

2 winter-kokos  
you must read it smile It's the great book of darkness

3 Sweet Evil  
hm... but I want to be good...)

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