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Main » 2008 » October » 21 » About my little miracle
About my little miracle

    I love DOGS!!! That's why I everyday(how common children) asked my parent about a pet, espechially a dog(my sister wanna to have a cat!). But I win...

   it's happen in one wonderfull day...I with my sister came back to home after a month in my villadge . When we went to our flat a pretty wad of wool met us. I was happy and in love to this prodigy. And I was in the seventh sky from happiness when I known that my parent called the dog Lady, 'cause I wanna to give this name for my charming!!!

     Lady is a undersized black pudel with white spots, but about it I shall save secrets:))) if be honest it was black when it was baby, but now Ledy has pearl skin and grey curlicue. it's very beauty:))) 

    It is like cat: when it yawns, it miaows and when it was a baby( it's always baby for me and for it I'm always puppy:))),  it's mouth  smell  milk(m-m-m!) It can sing  sweet or sing along to my favourite songs. I love My Lady, My positive pet!!!


   But it isn't angel forever, espechially, she likes to eat plastic things, for example, phone. but we forgive Lady for it's tricks)))


   She likes play, sit on windowsill and see on peoplefrom it's post. She loves go by car(I uderstand Ledy), but for it ZI-ZI means word "car". And also she likes sleep on grandmum's ans granddad's bed :)))


   But Lady is afraid vacuum cleaner and hair dryer( I don't like hair dryer too), and my sister( my dog has reasns for it). It can be very angry, that's why we call Lady "wad of furys".


   I don't understand, why can't dog see in colors??? My Lady can, she never brings to it's mouth or it's paws dark things, it likes red, orange and yellow

   My Lady is very pretty pet, it is faithfll, clever and funny, my cool friend and wonderfull baby:)))

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1 Ledy  
love heart MMMMMMMM, Our Little Dog heart love

2 Ledy  
:heart:yes, our lovely puppy love tongue

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