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Main » 2008 » October » 03
 Day of home rule is a day, when pupils, which study in 10-11grades(I study in 10) change places with their teachers. 

   It's sounds very funny, but it's not right for some pupils-teachers. for example, I with my best friend were teachers of english for 6 grades...

   And what can I say....It's very difficult, torments started in yesterday evening, we tried to make a interestinf proframmes for them, but in total we learned with our pupil only half of it.

   We had only three lessons and three different classes: morning started with 6"e", we wait from this class good work, but they are not very activity and their english( ...I keep silence...)... Then 6"a". It's a wonderfull class, we don't wait this work from "a", 'cause 6"e" is the best claas in school among 6 grades( all people think so, it's a very respectd class, I know it).

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