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St. martyr Vera, Nadegda, Lubov’ and their mother Sofia

St. martyr Vera, Nadegda, Lubov’ and their mother Sofia

Names of St. Martyr( girls Vera, Nadegda, Lubov’ and their mother Sofia ) are bound with people’s consciousness . Day of their remember – from the 30th of September – it was continue three days in honour of mother’s wisdom and women’s virtuous.

In the second age in Rome a genteel women-Christian lived quiet and recluse life, she was a dowager and lives with her young three daughters, her name was Sofia( it mean wisdom in translate). She gave for her children names in honor  the main Christian virtuous – Pistis, Elpis, Agape, what in translate from Greece mean Faith(Vera), Hope (Nadegda) and Love(Lubov’). In this time in pagan Italy was sever chase on Christians. But a believer women didn’t afraid to take a christening and give it to her kids and study in them love to Issus Christos, they read spiritual books, spent their time in prayers.

Vera was 12, Nadegda was 10 and Lubov’ was only 9 years old, when emperor Andrian known about their family and ordered bring Christian to him and they must repudiate of his faith. But Sofia known, that for disobedience death waits them in his palace…

The manly women started prepare her daughters for their deaths: they prayed and asked Got that He will give to them hardness to stay faithful for their faith, courage to stay with Him. And Got didn’t give them afraid their torment and gave power to meet their death.

At first, cunning emperor said one clever and eloquent women to talk with Christians, but Sofia continued to pray, She didn’t betray Got, She was ready dead for Him.

Finally, mother with her daughters staid in front of emperor. Else it wasn’t late for change their opinion and saved their life, but they didn’t think about it. Sofia:”My darling! Soon we will be near Got, don’t feel sorry about life in the Earth, we will have Sky life, go and will be my meritorious daughters”.

Adrian tacked her girls and started to talk with them very gentle: My kids, I in love to you and I don’t wanna your deaths. Bow to my Gots and be my daughters”.

"Our father is Got, and we are His daughters, and we don’t need in others love. We are ready to death for Him”,-said girls

Emperor was very angry, mother and her kids waited torture, Sofia must see how her daughter’s death

Vera was the first……………(!!!I don’t wanna to write about what tortures did they have, it’s very awful!!!!!!)

Mother and her daughters didn’t say, they kept silence. Cruel emperor didn’t kill only Sofia, he known that she wanted to be dead how her kids, he gave to her children’s body and head for burial.

Sofia was dead on the third day after burial on daughter’s graves.

This is end…


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