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About Sofi Kokos


               It’s morning. Euro is stealing up slowly. It jumps to my bed. Approached to my head, it starts to play a morning hymn, using her squeaking toy. So, my crazy day is just getting started.

               Breakfast with the whole family charges me with cheerfulness and good mood for all day, because there are my dearest, closest people, my family around me. Now for me they are my purport of life and all that I do, I do to make my parents glad. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my interests for my sister, but I’m sure that if she were me, she would behave the same.

               Often I’m too busy in university and spend little time at home. But I’m sure, my family waits for me and they are always joyful to see me. Home is the place, where I always hurry to return.

               My life consists not only of family gladness and worry but also of funny and wild student life. Oh, how I adore it!

               I am a fan of languages. That’s why I entered the linguistics and I didn’t make mistake. I have a calling for linguistics. After graduating I want to continue my research work and I’m going to enter the postgraduate course.

               As if you know, linguistics, it’s enormous and each its schools are very interesting, unusual, and breathtaking. You also can imagine what a difficult choice I should make: what do I wish to devote my life to? Maybe I would like to connect my life with applied linguistics, maybe with ethnolinguistics or maybe psycholinguistics is the most amazing. I don’t know yet, but the time will show.

               I’m a person, who is easy to inflame to risky adventure deals and acts, stir with enthusiasm. But if I get down to business I will carry to completion.

               Evidently therefore I become attached to social activities in our university. I worship students’ soviet and students’ labor union committee becomes a window to town’s active social life. Every day we organize, create, decide, discuss, and, of course, respect opinion of each other. We became real friends, a real united company.  Every day I get acquainted with new people, try myself in new (totally unexpected for me) activities. Generally, I can say that I improve myself and inspire my soul by this fact. Thanks them I start to have faith in myself. They show me that I can do my best, I shouldn’t doubt myself, I should only try, dare and then I would be a winner.

               But to tell in confidence, that’s not all, what I’m occupied with. For me it’s not enough to be a good student and indefatigable activist, I need something for pleasure.

               This something became dance. Practically I came to the first lesson of German collective recently and I have already become an immediate participant. On the lessons I feel me wonderfully as if I find myself in euphoria: I forget about problems, route deals and troubles, and move gracefully to the music. Participants of the collective are friendly, sociable, helpful and are fond of dancing. Apropos, not every of them has German pedigree, but they are keen on German culture. I suppose that maybe we will go to a dance festival. I’m looking forward to this event.

               Of course, it would be great if we would be invited to Germany. It would be interesting for me not only as for dancer, but also as for linguist. Because you know, what a linguist doesn’t dream to go abroad! I’m not an exception. I desire to have a world tour. But I don’t want only move from one country to another. I wish to stay at country for feeling the atmosphere of their culture, learning new and useful, understanding their world-view, taking in their mood. That will be incredibly splendid! I hope that my dream will come true.

               To over my story about me I would like with the following words said by Henry Fielding: "Happy is the man, who considers himself happy”. I think that I’m the happiest person. Do you consider yourself happy?